Why does the Swedish eagles die?

One of the most common arguments for banning lead ammunition are based on research saying that eagles are dying from lead poisoning and we therefor must ban all lead ammo. 

The environmental lobby has long been using eagles as proof why a total ban on lead is required.

But there are many guesses and not seldom the description of why the eagle died is vague, like in this article ”hunting left overs could be cause”. 

In this article from 2 september 2018 they claim that it is ”probably” lead poisoning that caused the eagle to die. 

In another article from 17 februari 2018 ”it might depend on lead” why the eagles are flying in to trains and die. 

But if you instead of reading media send an email to Sveriges Veterinärmedicinska Anstalt (SVA), which in the gouvernmental veterinarian institute, and check how many eagles that actually have died from lead poisoning the answer is – not many. 

Of totally 1 017 dead eagles they hade examined only 99 died from lead, between 2008 and 2018. That it 9,7 %. 

But why they hade lead in their bodies no one knows. Not even SVA can say that those 99 individuals died from eating ammunition. As I already have stated in previous articles there is a big difference between lead and lead and the kind of lead that remain in our bodies is mostly from either nature or other kinds of lead than metal. 

The reasons for banning lead over all is far from solid actually. 



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