Lead and lead

The European Commission has now proposed to extend the ban on lead in ammunition. The problem for Sweden is that at the same time the EU seems to regard all of Sweden as wetland, in other words would the consequence of such a radical decision for the Swedish hunting community be almost a total ban. 

The background to the ban is the lobbyism of various environmental organizations engaged themselves in for decades. The main stakeholder is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, that has influenced government after government in Sweden (how much money they spend each year on lobbying only in Sweden we do not know, they are not transparent) and Brussels, as I showed in the previous article.

Lead is absolutely dangerous for the environment, in terms of water-soluble lead compounds. The problem with the lead issue is that you need to have some knowledge of chemistry to understand it, and this is used shamelessly and effectively by the environmental lobby as they know that not even politicians understand the difference.

However, lead in ammunition is not these water-soluble lead compounds but metallic lead.

One thing environmental friends also forget about in their speeches about ”natural” in all aspects of the environmental debate is that very much is in fact quite natural, such as lead (which is an element). It is a natural part of the earth and soil, whether we like it or not. 

There is ionized lead in the water we drink, in wine, beer and in the same places. We live on earth, so we will get a certain amount of lead, but that has nothing to do with lead in ammunition. 

Nor has it diminished in strength even though we Swedes have not had this little exposure to lead historically. According to the Medical Journal, we have a fifth of the levels today when I was born in the 1970s.

Picture show decline in lead in blood, children 7-8 years. The text on the arrows are from the lef: sinking petrol lead, no petrol lead.

Unfortunately, the opinion formation against lead is not only reserved for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, but also the Swedish Agency for Chemicals Inspection takes much more years of opinion formation than for the exercise of authority.

They wrote for example this report from 2007.
On the government’s mission, the former Social Democrat.


In the report they claim that lead should be banned in fishing equipment for the same reason the arguments about ammunition – that it is a health risk. Inspite of the fact that the lead is metal.

But we did not get lead in our bodies by lead ammunition, but by living on planet earth. The levels have dropped because we are much more cautious about lead, for example we do not mix it in gasoline anymore as we did before.

According to the EU Authority EFSA from a 2010 report, food is the primary source for humans to obtain lead.

For people to get lead, the body must be able to absorb the substance – it must be bioavailable.

And that’s it through the food, but it’s not the game meat and small remains of shy hail that produce the biggest effects, not even close.  Not according to EFSA.

Instead, there are six large groups of foods that account for 83% of lead in humans: drinks including water; flakes and pastries; Fruit and vegetables; salt and spices; soups and sauces; sweeteners, honey and sweets; meat and meat products

The Nature Conservation Association and the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate and all other lobbyists have for decades tried to deceive people that lead from hail is dangerous to humans and therefore must be banned.

Because they hate hunting.

That is the real reason, covered up as worries for peoples health. 

In fact, lead is an element that we will always have in us as long as we live.


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