11 000 forskare varav minst en är seriefigur

Påpassliga läsare gjorde också jobbet ingen i media pallade och läste själva listan.

Och hittade Musse Pigg.

Mouse, Micky professor Micky Mouse Institute for the Blind, Namibia.

Extra kul att de som ligger bakom artikeln inte heller verkar ha läst listan.

Nu undrar vi alla – vilka fler namn är fake på den där listan? Existerar verkligen alla eller är folk påhittade?

Och till alla läsare har jag ett uppdrag – kan ni hitta fler? En superhjälte? En romanfigur?

Den som lyckas får ett pris!

Edit 5 min senare:

Enligt en engelskspråkig twittrare fanns dessa två med på den sajt namnen kommer ifrån:

Vi har förutom professor Dumbledore även zoologi-professor Aramita Aadvark.

Aadvark är jordsvin.

Edit 2:

Rob rob, sexolog från Cambridge i Bangladesh

Vi har även en mamma till en forskare

Och en scifi-forskare/undergångsstudier

12 kommentarer till 11 000 forskare varav minst en är seriefigur

  1. Kan vara en planterad namn lista typ som genusstudien som publicerades i Gender, Place and Culture för att exponera kult och masshysterin runt klimat. Skall bli kul att se vad medierna gör isåfall…

  2. Detta visar ju bara på hur desperata dessa klimataktivister är och måste för att skrämma folk hitta på namn o personer som förmodligen inte har en aning om att dom finns på denna lista. Tycker bara att detta visar ju bara hur desperata dom är och hur dumma dom tror att vanliga folk är. Sedan kan man ju tycka att SVT som igår pratade om detta i rapport men nämnde inte ett ord om de som har invändningar och också skrivit på en lista. Detta visar att SVT inte klarar att leva upp till en opartisk nyhetsinformation och då är ju frågan ska verkligen våra skattepengar gå till detta. Min åsikt är att tills dom visar på opartiska nyheter utan vinkling åt det enda eller andra hållet stoppas våra skattepengar.

  3. The Only Emergency is the Fraud Apparent
    Published on November 7, 2019

    I take no joy, nor pride, in writing this but for the sake of truth, accuracy and scientific accuracy, with respect to Galileo, Da Vinci, Newton, Tesla, Einstein, Feynman and everyone who went before us, this must be known!

    I cannot fathom what may compel Oxford Academic Bioscience to publish an article, which by any standard appear ever more as a fraud for every new review one makes of the signatories to this paper.

    The list of some 11,000 “scientists” include names and titles, where the title is even omitted in some cases, of such a varied groups of people with no possible value in the input on the matter discussed in the paper. Let us review but a few of these names.

    The paper was published on November 5, 2019, on the Oxford Academic servers under the section of Bioscience and comprises of a list of signatures and a number of statistical tables.

    I am personally a bit of a stickler for ensuring that the sources of the information I do read actually fall within expected level of quality and thereby I depend highly on the reputation of the authors in question.

    Equally important is that the co-authors and signatories, whom should have some expected mental capacity and competency in reviewing said material, also must fall within an expected level of credibility and competency for me to take any information to heart. In this case I must say I was left high and dry by the good staff at Oxford Academic when taking the time to review the list of the signatories.

    Among them I found, as many others may have jokingly pointed out, an individual from Namibia by the name of Micky Mouse, operating “the Micky Mouse Institute for the blind”. Now this may very well be a true entry but it leaves one question as to how an institute for the blind can have any bearing on the study of climate change.

    Looking a bit deeper beyond the comical, we find several mentioning’s of students’, however their specific field of studies appear intentionally left blank. So also for several professional entries where one may wonder how they ended up as “scientists” in a paper such as this.

    This leaves me with no joy to say but after having reviewed the next to entries I was left empty with a feeling of being defrauded in the face of the publication made to the Oxford Academic servers.

    First of all, an entry named “Mostarac, Rosa” holding a title of “accompagnatrice” at the Institut Medico Pédagogique Theux in Belgium. This implies a “travel companion” and not very much more.

    I don’t really know, nor care much to ask my fellow commuters to undersign my written papers before submitting them for peer review, however it may be different in the case of climactic change. Or maybe it just wasn’t one of those kinds of companions to begin with.

    The final entry, before I finally gave up and discarding the entry as a possible fraud, was a bit devastating to me to say the least. Has Oxford Academic simply tossed the entire manual on scientific methodology and ethics out the window in a fit of surrendering to a perceived state of no return?

    On page 29 in the list of signatories to the paper we find the professor Gordon Blair of Northern Ireland, in a paper published 2019, however this is possible as he passed away already on October 21st in 2010.

    To quote the by now famous Greta Thunberg; “How Dare You?”

    How dare you post a deceased scientist on a paper full of conjecture and misrepresented signatories? How do you expect anyone to take science seriously ever again and in particular from Oxford Academic sources?

    I did in fact end up reporting this to the Oxford Academic staff upon it’s discovery. Let’s hope they review it properly.

    M. Jörgenstam


    (2019) Ripple, William J and Wolf, Christopher and Newsome, Thomas M and Barnard, Phoebe and Moomaw, William R. World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency. , BioScience, , biz088, //doi.org/10.1093/biosci/biz088, 2019 Oxford Academic. [Accessed 2019-11-07]

    (2010) Prof. Gordon Blair obituary published by Queens University, Belfast. //daro.qub.ac.uk/pages/2016-rebrand/news/obits—all/obits-professor-gordon-blair [Accessed 2019-11-07]

  4. Haha…det här är roligt, tänk att såååå många sväljer allt med hull o hår utan några som helst funderingar.

  5. Kan mycket väl vara en planterad grej som vi omöjligt kan känna till. “placera ut vapen” typ. Skapa behov för en lysande marknad. Det heter “concern troll” på engelska.

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