Kära Salman

Dear Salman bin Abdul Aziz,

it is me, Stefan Löfven, prime minister of Sweden again. 

I want you to know that I am sorry. Not sorry that we called you medieval. It is very important for the Swedish government that everbody, including you medieval barbarians, understand that we stand up for human rights. And we love Palme so everybody in the world must understand that we want the world to be just like Palme would want it. In the 1980’s. We shall overcome, give peace a chance and all that. If you are not China. They are an economic superpower (did you know they own like halft of Africa already?) so we don’t mess with them no matter what. Money run the world. 

We are sorry you are offended that we call you medieval. We are very sorry that you are sad. Sorry for that. We had hoped calling you medieval would just pass you by, not that you would rase diplomatic hell. So sorry for that you are mad. 

What happend we wonder. Palme could call people barbarians and murderers without any conflicts. You have something going on there, Salman, controlling the internet. 

Do you want to buy a JAS-plan?


Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden


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